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Live photo of duplex residential building for Mr Dhirendra Sahu at gudiyari Raipur. Front elevation is being treated with elevation tiles, remaining part with two coats of exterior putty and paint. Main gate has been created of stainless steel and similar arrangements has been thought for top railing also. We succeed in getting our drawings and actual construction close to each other as far as possible. We believe that we are one of the emerging Architects the Raipur City.
WORKING ELEVATION makes easy for the contractor to work in a detailed manner. Without it, just viewing the exterior view photograph, it cant be understood about the dimension of the each element to be assigned in the same fashion as of view. Satisfaction of the client matters us a lot. Congratulations Raipur and Chhattisgarh, Architect Shadil and team is live now.
Residence for Mr. Dhirendra Sahu. This really one of the master piece Residence with great planning accompanied by minor circulation space and maximum free space. The extraordinary front elevation is something being admired by the most of the people. Hope you enjoyed our consultancy. Architect Shadil is being associated with best architects, best interior designers and best civil engineers in the city.
Making of residence for Mr. Faridi at Bhilai nagar, Chhattisgarh going to end soon. Painting and tiling work, Building elevation and finishing touches going on. However, Architect Shadil and our team which includes top architects, interior designers, supervisors visit the site at every development and take care of that.
Residence cum commercial building for Mr Abhimanyu Saw. There was a requirement that they want to install a small factory unit behind the residence building and wanted to units of small shops in front. However it looks a very small project but then we had to work a lot to accommodate all the requirements of the client and take care of ventilation as well as natural lighting inside the whole building. The elevation has been done in a very limited budget but the design stands out in the whole area. The building is already completed a few days back and has became a Landmark building in the nearby area. At last we are not saying that we are the best Architects or top Architects of the city but we put all our efforts to create the best possible
Proposed elevation for Mr JK Jain Shanti Vihar Colony Kota Raipur. It is an alteration to a two storey building and and proposed 3 story residence. The building is wholly conceptualised and being supervised by architect shadil and team.
Proposed elevation for Mr Sunil Agarwal at Lakhanpur Ambikapur Chhattisgarh. Conceptualised by architect Shadil and team.
Clients sometimes demand us to show some ready-made elevations for them. However, there is nothing like one size fits all item for maximum of them. Each building is sketched out by an architect differently. May people understand it. A triplex residential building at Raipur Chhattisgarh. Conceptualised by architect shadil and team.
Going a little traditional as per clients psychology and budget. Proposed elevation for Mr. Rakesh Thakur. A budget 2Bhk residence at Raipur Chhattisgarh